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“The case of Albert Wilson”

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    April 27, 2019 REPLY

    He should not be convicted with little to NO EVIDENCE. Let’s be realistic 2019 or not racism still exist the jury needs to be biracial let’s not forget Caucasian been taking people of colored life away for years and years. America roots don’t come from no white man you cannot put a black men and put his life in hands in a jury of all white people! I’m sorry you just can’t do that people a cruel and will literally take a mans life away while he is alive just because of his color! The white man who was convicted of the SAME charge got out in three months!? White privilege at its finest. If you really take 12 years of this mans life away just to bring it up 12 years little to use it as an example of racism your sick. Equality is where you guys should start to change. It’s 2019 get actual proof before you just take his life away.

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